PipePatch Saves The Town of Grand Island, NY $10,000

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Town Engineer
The Town of Grand Island - Department of Engineering & Water Resources
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The Town of Grand Island Department of Engineering and Water Resources purchased a S1E Pipe Patch unit from E. J. Prescott after seeing a demonstration in the Town of Tonawanda. We had a sewer leak in a location that was going to be very difficult to repair conventionally. We observed a "sink hole" adjacent to and under a resident's driveway. We used our sewer camera to determine that the leak was from an unused wye. The wye is on an 8" diameter VTP sanitary sewer that is approximately 13' deep. In addition, the sewer is only 6' from the edge of East River Road and there is an 8" diameter east iron water main that is located between the road and the sewer about 4' down.

The day we did the repair, we met Adam Frenzel from S1E at our WWTP at 8:00AM. We mobilized and arrived on site around 8:30. The line had been previously cleaned, so we proceeded with the repair process. Adam guided our personnel through the process which went extremely smooth. Once the repair was complete, we re-televised the line and found the repair in the perfect spot and in great condition. From start to finish, the whole process only took 4 hours.

A conventional open cut repair would have been very costly since we would have to drive sheet piling to protect the road from collapse during the repair, additionally we would have to replace the resident's concrete driveway. I estimated that this would cost us over $10,000. In one repair our purchase paid for itself and I still have 3 patch kits available for future use.